Sunburn Child Response - Response to parent of sunburn child

Old Town, Maine 0 comments

Your story doesn't add up!I'm a parent of small children too and if their daycare worker was doing that to my child,I would be getting the authorities involved not keep sending my child back to keep getting neglect more!what the *** is the matter with you? The only one I feel sorry for is your child!

If I was a social worker, I would be questioning your integrity. Why didn't you report them to the state department?You made yourself look unstable by sending your child back to an unsafe and neglectful enviroment.Hello? *** would break loose if my child sat all day long in soiled diapers,they wouldn't get away with it from me.I'd have that place shutdown so fast that their heads would spin.

your story seems awful fishy!Readers what is your response to my comments.Do you feel the same way like I do?

Review about: Child Care.

Sunburn Child Response - Response to parent of sunburn child I can't believe what they were thinking!

Old Town, Maine 0 comments

your story doesn't add up!I'm a parent with small children too and if my child's daycare provider was doing that to my child, I would be getting the proper authorities involved,I certainly wouldn't be thinking of bringing my child back to that facility.What's the matter with you?You knew that they continued to neglect your child and you kept sending your child back to that childcare.I feel sorry for your child,not you or the childcare facility.Readers what's your response to my comments?would you as loving parents allow some

one to treat your sweet innocent child like that?

or would you take action?i definately would be taken action, I would legally pursue this matter,not keep sending my loving child to that hellhole.I as a parent would do what ever it takes to have that place shutdown

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